These are just some of the services we offer in regards to termites; otherwise known as white ants. If you think you may have termites it’s a good idea to get them checked out as soon as possible. Often the nest is much bigger then what you can see. At All Clear Pest Control and Management we can inspect for termites. Including Timber Sounding, Moisture Detection, Thermal & Radar imaging, CALL US to find out more!


Have you had the unpleasant and surprising experience of an ant infestation in your home? Ants everywhere and you are literally seeing red. Where have they come from and why. Simple, they are foraging for food and this is where hygiene is important in managing this problem. Most ants do not cause trouble but a few are pests in homes and gardens. Some species nest in wall cavities, ceiling spaces and behind skirting boards. CALL US TODAY to have one of our technicians have you ALL CLEAR!


Rats and mice are basically social animals they live in groups in nests made of any soft material available. Hygiene is very important in helping to control these pests and disease transmission to humans is of profound importance. Some Simple Facts: A family of 6 mice in a cluttered garage can grow to 50-60 mice in only 90 days. Number of young per litter 5-6, number of litters per year 8. If you have a Rat or Rodent problem WE ARE THE EXPERTS for you! CALL US today for a quote!


Silverfish can cause an extensive amount of damage. They can ruin photos, books, eat wallpaper and cotton! Do be fooled by these little creatures, there are over 28 species of them. They are difficult to control if they have become well established to their new home. An infestation requires professional treatment. We can assess your situation and recommend on the most effective way of extermination. For more information, call us today.


Effective pest control solutions for body corporate & the hospitality industry. Our experienced team of pest experts can tackle any job, whether it’s an industrial building, restaurant, hotel or body corporate. We have trained and experienced technicians working in the field for ever 10+ years. We can also provide you with our up to date licenses for the industry - At All Clear Pest Control your in the rights hands!


Our skills and experience are what makes the difference between short term relief and long term solutions. We Pride our selves on ensuring no repeat infestations! We have gained the necessary knowledge to rid your home of all pests and termites now and in the future. At All Clear, we make sure everything we do is effective against the bugs and not your family!


WASPS - We identify, target and exterminate the infestation of wasps and bees around your house. We only use safe and environmentally friendly products which are only available to licensed technicians, causing minimal disruption to your home and family. We are happy to provide you with a quote to prevent your wasp and bee dilemma. Call on 0488 558 688 TODAY TO KNOW MORE!


Is your home swarming with COCKROACHES. In Australia there are a few different types of COCKROACHES some harder to exterminate then others. These little bugs can be un-hygienic and leave behind a mess for your family or business; and can even make your sick! If you think you might have seen one around, possibilities are that there are others. Call today for a in house quote!

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Always Ask For A Pest Control License

Pest control is licenses are guided by Australian Standards and Codes of Practice; but you have to pay for these, as they are not available online. We have these documents, so if you require our services, Just ask us for all our documentation. Do be fooled by all the unlicensed pest controllers out there! We are also Termidor accredited and use their products. CALL US to find out more

But Why Choose Us?

We will effectively remove and protect your home from pests, we even offer a written warranty on the service that we provide.

We use specially developed chemicals that effectively remove the pests yet are safe to use and will not harm you, your family or your household pets.

We are an owner operated business, we do not have the high costs that the chains have, and thus we can offer you the same, if not better service at a more affordable rate.

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