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ANTS are active all year long in the tropics, but in cooler regions, they survive the winter in a state of dormancy or inactivity.

The forms of inactivity are varied and some temperate species have larvae going into the inactive state (diapause) while in others, the adults alone pass the winter in a state of reduced activity.

They are social insects and more or less live in permanent nests but in adverse conditions, it is not uncommon to change the nest location



Often regarded as a nuisance especially when in and around buildings and homes. They are particularly annoying when they invade and swarm inside especially the sugar bowl and around the sink and bath where there is water.

Apart from the nuisance aspects there are known instances of ants mechanically carrying on their bodies or in their digestive tract disease organisms causing a variety of pathogenic bacteria, including Salmonella and therefore the potential for transmitting diseases to humans, should not be overlooked.




Kitchens, other food handling areas, and garbage cans are good places for transmitting diseases.Apart from the health threat posed and nuisance aspects some ants may bite and sting.